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The Neighbors

   'The Neighbors' was an American television science fiction sitcom that aired from September 26, 2012, to April 11, 2014, on the ABC network, lasting two consecutive
   seasons before ending it's run. The story line of the show centers around a family of humans living in a community of extraterrestrials. The plot of the series, set in New
   Jersey, revolves around the Weavers, a rather ordinary, yet dysfunctional young family consisting of Debbie and Marty Weaver and their three kids, that has recently
   relocated to a gated townhouse community called 'Hidden Hills'. Everything about the neighborhood seems at first sight very much like the perfect suburban residential
   area, however upon their arrival, they discover that the entire community is populated by residents from a different planet, called Zabvron. Amongst their many myriad
   quirks, these Zabvronians identify themselves by the names of sports celebrities, patrol the community in golf carts, dress alike, receive nourishment through their eyes
and mind by reading books rather than eating, and cry green goo from their ears. These aliens have assumed human form, however they can revert to their natural appearance whenever
they want by clapping their hands above their heads. They have been stuck on Earth for 10 years, still waiting for instructions to return home. As the first real humans in Hidden Hills, the
Weavers end up trying to teach humanity to their alien neighbors, while learning how to be a better family of their own.


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