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About The Show

As one of the most popular family sitcoms of it's time, 'Full House' premiered on September 22, 1987, and originally ran in primetime from September 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995 on ABC. It was a warm and snuggly family comedy set in San Fransisco.

The premise of the show, as established already in the first episode, chronicles a recently widowed San Fransisco sportscaster (later television talk show host), Danny Tanner, who is left to raise his three young daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and baby Michelle following the death of his wife, Pam, in a car accident involving a drunk driver. He recruits his best friend since childhood, Joey Gladstone, and his late wife's younger brother, Jesse, to help him take care of his girls. Joey makes a living primarily as a stand-up comedian and is an expert on voices, and Jesse as a struggling musician who originally pays the bills working for his father's exterminating company. Initially, Jesse, who is a rock-and-roller and used to live his life on the edge, is uncertain if his life is going in the right direction after making the life-altering decision to help raise the girls, but reconcile with himself that there's no other place he rather be during this time of his life. Jesse eventually quits his exterminating job, much to his fathers disapproval, and starts up in advertising alongside Joey. While trying to earn his big break within the music business, Jesse has a number of jobs during the shows run. But he eventually get his big break with the song 'Forever' at the end of the fifth season.

The three guys are strongly stereotyped. Danny is the dorky, but loving father who's a true 'neat-freak'. Joey is the typically goofy comedian, who's a professional stand up comedian and an expert at voices. And Jesse is the womaniser and Elvis-worshipper with his trademark phrase 'Have mercy'. It's worth mentioning that many of the show's exploits surrounded the idea of three bachelors trying to rein in the precocious antics of three little girls, who frequently got the best of them. As most kids do, they ignore the rules and learn their lesson afterwards.

At the beginning of the second season, Danny becomes the co-host of the morning talk show 'Wake Up, San Francisco' alongside Rebecca Donaldson. Jesse and Becky begin to date during the shows second season and has many a humorous antics involving their relationship, mostly about how different they are. But despite their differences, they get married during the shows fourth season and during the fifth season they have twin sons, Nicky and Alex.
During the eight seasons of the show's run, the girls grow up considerably, and often argue and clash as sisters often do. We see the girls having to deal with all the stuff kids have to deal with. D.J - best friends encounters with best friend and annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, body conciseness, jobs, and boyfriends Steve, Neslon and Viper. Stephanie - struggling with being the middle sister and wanting to be as cool as her older sister, dancing, spelling bees, junior high with friends and enemies, as well as dating. Michelle - growing up, friends, school and activities. 
The expanded family all live together in the same 'Full House'.

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