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Screencaps - Season 1
003 * The First Day Of School

School is starting up again for D.J and Stephanie. D.J and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler are making plans for the new year in 5th grade, from who is cool at school to where the best place is to pass notes to each other in class. Naturally, the night before the big day is filled with exitement; Stephanie easily manages to irritate her older sister as she gets preoccupied with finding the right outfit for her very first day in Kindergarden, and Jesse and Joey experience their very first attempt at giving baby Michelle a bath; while singing Elvis songs in the bathtub. As the big day approaches, Stephanie gets even more apprehensive about starting kindergarden, and when the big day finally arrives she freezes up and refuses to go. She has a severe case of kindergarten jitters because she is afraid that her new classmates will reject her as a friend on the first day. Danny, Jesse and Joey all try their best to help the 5-year-old ease into the new experience and encourage her the best they know how, when Danny catches D.J during her attempt to flee the school grounds. Why is Danny's typically responsible oldest daughter having problems starting fifth grade? It turns out that D.J has been put in the advanced class with, what she calls, all omelet-heads. This means she won't be in the same class as Kimmy, which saddens her as she won't have her best friend in the same class this year. When Stephanie tries to leave the school, it is D.J who convinces her to stay. The two sisters have a heart-to-heart and promise each other that they won't try to make a break for it again. After their discussion, they hug each other, and return to their respective classes.

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