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St. Elsewhere

   'St. Elsewhere' was a medical drama black comedy television series that originally ran on NBC from October 26, 1982 to May 25, 1988, lasting 6 consecutive seasons.
   The series starred Ed Flanders, Norman Lloyd and William Daniels as teaching doctors at St. Eligius, a decaying, underrated urban teaching hospital in Boston's South
   End neighborhood. The hospital's nickname, 'St. Elsewhere', is a slang term used both in the medical industry to refer to poor hospitals that serve patients not wanted
   by more prestigious institutions, and in medical academia to refer to non-teaching hospitals in general. St. Elsewhere employed a large ensemble cast; a gritty, 'realistic'
   visual style and a profusion of interlocking serialized stories, many of which continued over the course of several episodes, if not multiple seasons. The series would also
   break new ground in medical dramas, creating a template that would influence later medical dramas, such as ER and Chicago Hope. Here, the medical profession was an admirable but less-than-perfect endeavor. The St. Eligius staff, while mostly having good intentions in serving their patients, all had their own personal and professional problems, with the
two often intertwining; heir problems, and that of their patients, were often contemporary in nature, with storylines involving breast cancer, AIDS, and addiction. Though the series dealt with serious issues of life, death, the medical profession, and the human effects of all three, a substantial amount of black comedic moments and inside jokes and references to TV history were included. Not to mention tender moments of humanity.

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