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Some Kind Of Wonderful

   Written by John Hughes, this classic 1987 film is set against the strict social hierarchy of an American public high school. Blue collar mechanic Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz) 
   and his tomboyish best friend Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson), who has been subjected to vicious rumors that she is a lesbian, aspire to improve their social standing. 
   When Keith asks out popular high school beauty, Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), Watts realizes her feelings for him run much deeper than just friendship, though him
   being completely oblivious to her affection. Watts even goes as far as to chauffeur the date for Keith and Amanda, if only to prove - after a lot of patient and emotional
   anguish - that she's better for Keith than Amanda could ever be. Meanwhile, Hardy Jenns, Amanda's Corvette-driving ex-boyfriend from the rich section of town, plans
   to cause trouble for Keith. Although he has no real feelings for Amanda, he feels humiliated at losing her to a social inferior. However, Keith cunningly manages things
   to his own and Amanda's advantage and gives Hardy his well-deserved comeuppance. In the end, Amanda realizes that she needs time alone and Keith clues into
   Watts's feelings for him. Realizing that he loves her too, he gives her the diamond earrings he had originally bought as a present for Amanda. In addition, giving an 
   early solid performance, we see an eight year-old Candace Cameron portraying Keith's younger sister Cindy.

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