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Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

   The latest meeting of Lawrenceton librarian Aurora Teagarden's Real Murders discussion club, where fellow member and Aurora's best friend, newspaper reporter Sally
   Allison, had arranged for Aurora's favorite current mystery novelist and university professor, Robin Daniels, to speak, is canceled after one of the club members is found
   bludgeoned to death. The case is being led by Homicide Detective Lynn Liggett-Smith and Aurora's ex-boyfriend and ex-club member, Arthur Smith. Lynn is bothered by
   Aurora's amateur sleuthing in past murder cases. A telephone call to the meeting venue earlier in the evening referring to the Julia Wallace murder, makes Aurora think,
   based on this circumstantial evidence, that the murderer is one of the club members. Julia Wallace's unsolved murder from 1934, the case which only the club members
   would have known was going to be discussed at the meeting, mimics this murder. Robin's coincidental arrival onto the scene and his seeming inability or non-want to
   provide an alibi for the time of the murder also places him as a suspect. As the detectives, Aurora and club members investigate, other club members and their loved
   ones are targeted by the murderer, each attempt mimicking a case previously discussed by the club. Aurora systematically work to discover who the next victim will be
   both to prevent the attempts from succeeding and discover the identity of the murderer. She also has to decide whether to trust Robin.


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