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Quiz - Do You Know Which Episode?

Below are a compilation of single words describing a specific episode of Full House. Do you know which episode they are referring to?
If you want to see if you're right, click here for the answers.

1. Twins. Beds. Camp. Scary. Rabbit?
        a. My Left And Right Foot
        b. Bachelor Of The Month
        c. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

2. Family. Song. Picnic. Three-leg. Elvis?
        a. Just One Of The Guys
        b. The King and I
        c. Dateless In San Francisco

3. Cousin. Guys. Football. Girl. Iceskating?
        a. Just One Of The Guys
        b. Air Jesse
        c. Stephanie Plays The Field

4. Marriage. Family. Tradition. Table. Engagement?
        a. Luck Be A Lady - Part 2
        b. Greek Week
        c. The Wedding - Part 2

5. School. New. Golf. Make-up. Phonebooth?
        a. Back To School Blues
        b. Double Trouble
        c. High Anxiety

6. Music. Talent. Band. Gambling. Fail?
        a. Rock The Cradle
        b. Captain Video - Part 2
        c. We've Got The Beat

7. Love. Young. Radio. Cold. Honey-Bee?
        a. Love On The Rocks
        b. Lovers And Other Tanners
        c. The Perfect Couple

8. Turkey. Pie. Miracle. Fail. First?
        a. Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen
        b. A Very Tanner Christmas
        c. The Miracle Of Thanksgiving

9. Stuffed animal. Kitchen. Pam. Charity. Lost?
        a. Goodbye, Mr Bear
        b. Tanner vs. Gibbler
        c. Divorce Court

10. Movies. Lies. Date. Candy-land. Ding-dong?
        a. Three's A Crowd
        b. A Date With Fate
        c. Sisters In Crime

11. Choice. Playground. Monkier. Guys. Date?
        a. The First Day Of School
        b. D.J's Choice
        c. High Anxiety

12. Tour. Big-Bird. Baby-Corn. Imaginary. Picture-sharades?
        a. Double Trouble
        b. Room For One More
        c. Rock The Cradle

13. English. Shoes. School. Books. Slogan?
        a. Educating Jesse
        b. The Test
        c. My Left And Right Foot

14. Family. Island. Lost. Hawaii. Trip?
        a. The House Meets The Mouse - Part 2
        b. Tanner's Island
        c. Luck Be A Lady - Part 1

15. Valentine. Sweater. Popeye. Shop. Credit?
        a. Dateless In San Francisco
        b. The Wedding - Part 2
        c. Little Shops Of Sweaters

16. Letter. Confusion. Love. Prank. Misunderstandings?
        a. Terror In Tanner Town
        b. Secret Admirer
        c. Matchmaker Michelle

17. Ears. Haircuts. Twins. Cool. Leah?
        a. The Day Of The Rhino
        b. I'm Not D.J
        c. Cutting It Close

18. Dance. Dream. Party. Cherry. Lies?
        a. Gotta Dance
        b. Captain Video - Part 1
        c. Crushed

19. Goal. Football. Opposite. Video. Necklace?
        a. Air Jesse
        b. I'm There For You, Babe
        c. Wrong-Way-Tanner

20. Job. Producer. Twins. Misbehave. Weasels?
        a. The Producer
        b. Tough Love
        c. Support Your Local Parents

21. Science. Show. Nose. Picture. Court?
        a. Middle Age Crazy
        b. Mr. Egghead
        c. To Joey, With Love

22. Partners. Cats. Jingle. Arguing. Potty?
        a. The I.Q Man
        b. It's Not My Job
        c. Jingle Hell

23. Commercial. Sisters. Fight. Healthy. Junk-food?
        a. Good News, Bad News
        b. Sisterly Love
        c. Our Very First Promo

24. Hockey. Ice. Game. Tabloid. Free-way?
        a. Nice Guys Finish First
        b. Claire And Present Danger
        c. Sisters In Crime

25. Hole. Song. Attic. Apartment. Sisters?
        a. My Left And Right Foot
        b. Fuller House
        c. The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang

26. Auction. Bachelor. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Heartbreak?
        a. Bachelor Of The Month
        b. A Little Romance
        c. The Perfect Couple

27. Bungee. Faith. Tickets. Trick. Sisters?
        a. The Wedding - Part 1
        b. Dr. Dare Rides Again
        c. Leap Of Faith

28. Lies. Star. Sick. Autograph. Rad?
        a. Come Fly With Me
        b. D.J Tanner's Day Off
        c. Mad Money

29. Circus. Station. Party. Clowns. Birthday?
        a. Birthday Blues
        b. The Greatest Birthday On Earth
        c. 13 Candles

30. Codes. Club. Bank. Open. Sumo?
        a. Smash Club: The Next Generation
        b. I've Got A Secret
        c. Another Opening, Another No Show

31. Food. Gym. Birthday. Aerobic. Pinkyswear?
        a. Divorce Court
        b. Shape Up
        c. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

32. Birthday. Gift. Car. Fail. Convertible?
        a. The Big Three-O
        b. Honey, I Broke The House
        c. Grand Gift Auto

33. Dance. Visit. Last. Boat. Fight?
        a. The Last Dance
        b. Our Very First Telethon
        c. Gotta Dance

34. Motorcycle. Friend. Stunt. Band. Ice-cream?
        a. Daddy's Home
        b. Slumber Party
        c. Dr. Dare Rides Again

35. Cleaning. Trouble. Change. Obessed. Spring?
        a. Goodbye Mr. Bear
        b. The Return Of Grandma
        c. The Trouble With Danny

36. Band. Midnight. Pizza. Icecream. First?
        a. Our Very First Night
        b. Dr. Dare Rides Again
        c. Our Very First Show

37. Snow. Airport. Holiday. Bags. Plane?
        a. Tanner's Island
        b. The House Meets The Mouse - Part 1
        c. Our Very First Christmas Show

38. Club. Secret. Toys. Jealousy. Relationship?
        a. I've Got A Secret
        b. Too Little Richard Too Late
        c. Secret Admirer

39. Space. Infestation. Moving. Bond. House?
        a. Our Very First Show
        b. A House Divided
        c. Fuller House

40. Bicycle. Relationship. Twins. Car. Sisters?
        a. Easy Rider
        b. The Bicycle Thief
        c. Sisters In Crime

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