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Screencaps - Season 1
001 * Our Very First Show

In this very first episode, we are introduced to the Tanner family who lives in San Francisco. Danny Tanner is a sports caster who has recently become widowed after his wife Pam’s tragic death in a car accident involving a drunk driver. At the beginning of the episode Danny is about to say goodbye to his mother, who has spent the past three months living at the house, while helping Danny take care of his three daughters under the age of ten; ten year-old D.J, five year-old Stephanie and baby Michelle. On the very same day Joey Gladstone, a stand-up comedian and Danny’s best friend since childhood, along with Danny's brother-in-law, rock-and-roll musician Jesse Katsopolis, moves into the house - as what first is meant to be temporarily. Joey moves into the alcove in the living room and Jesse moves into Stephanie's pink bunny wall-papered room, which means that precocious Stephanie now has to share a room with big sister D.J, who is not happy about this new situation. At first their biggest challenge prove to be exactly with oldest daughter D.J, who is not coping very well with all these new family changes and react in protest by moving into the garage in order to have her own room. Jesse and Joey have their hands full helping with the kids and adjusting to a new lifestyle – and it's not easy for these two makeshift "junior dads", whom reportedly doesn't even know the differece between a diaper and a dinner napkin, to adapt to the new situation. But already in this first episode they recieve their first real test in both diaper-changing of baby Michelle and in helping Danny resolve their very first conflict in this recently upgraded 'full house'.

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