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Screencaps - Season 1
002 * Our Very First Night

This episode chronicles the very first night at the Tanner house. Jesse and Joey have rapidly improved their diaper changing skills, and the girls get their first taste of hillarious newfound bedtime stories. After having spent the whole day at the house all three adults have made plans for the night, and is about to leave the house at the same time. The only trouble is - who is going to watch the girls? Jesse, who is still very much struggling to balance this new lifestyle and responsibilities, is the one who is chosen to be left at home and watch the girls, which seems to be an easy gig. But to Jesse's dismay, the girls wants to do everything but to go to bed, and they soon lie and scheme to trick Jesse into letting them stay up late, eating ice cream and jumping rope. And if that wasn't enough, Jesse, who had scheduled an important band rehearsal finds the time to invite his band over to the house for the planned rehearsal none-the-less. They proceed to set up to play in the living room, but naturally they are not able to play quiet enough. Of course, D.J and Stephanie who are wide awake on a sugar rush, doesn't want to miss an opportunity like that to hear the band and order pizza and have a party, much to Jesse's disapproval at first. But when the clock is pushing midnight, the girls has gotten their first taste of rock and roll and are dancing on the speakers wearing purple hair. When Danny arrives home from work at midnight, he is not delighted about what he sees. Meanwhile during the episode, baby Michelle is in pain due to teething, which causes some hillarious moments when the two rather unexperienced 'junior dads' step up.

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