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 Vicky Larson

Vicky an Danny met and got together while Vicky was filling in on 'Wake up, San Fransisco' for Becky, while she was on maternity leave. Danny insists that she take a job in Chicago doing the news that she's been offered once Becky returns, and that starts a long-distance relationship that goes from early season 6 to midseason 7, and which includes their engagement in the Disney World episode at the end of season 6. However, Vicky gets her dream job - anchoring the news in New York - and so she cannot come to San Francisco to stay, nor would Danny pull up all his roots with his family in California. Therefore, they break up.

Vicky is a really nice woman who gives good advice to D.J.'s relationship with Steve and helping Danny to deal with it. She also acts like a mother toward Michelle. So she would have made a nice mother, and one can even imagine that she has some of the same qualities as Pam did. But however, her career came first. 

Pam Katsopolis-Tanner

Pam was the girls' mother, Jesse's sister and Danny's wife. She was never seen in the series, except in the episode 'Goodbye, Mr.Bear' where she appeared in the form of a home video when she and Danny brought Michelle home from the hospital. She was killed by a drunk driver, that came over in the wrong lane, before the series began. She has been described as happy, always smiling, overexcitable, very kind and sweet, and unpunctual.

 Nick Katsopolis

Nick is the girls grandfather, and Jesse and Pam's father. He is a very stubborn, hot-headed and tempered guy, much like Jesse, and that gets him in trouble as we see a few times on the show. Examples being in episodes such as 'It's Not My Job" and 'Fogged In'. He is the one who pushes Jesse into taking the first step towards Becky. He is also portrayed as a fun, caring and loving grandfather who loves his granddaughters very much. 

 Irene Katsopolis

Irene is the girls grandmother, and Jesse and Pam's mother. She is a very loving and caring grandmother, who also has a lot of humor and witt. And she is also portrayed as a very head strong woman with very much her own opinions, as well as being very clear numeros times that she has a lot of dignity. We learn that she has started night school to finish college during season 2, much to her husband Nick's dismay at first. And at last, she still thinks of Jesse as her little boy sometimes and his little tuchie. 

 Gia Mahan

Introduced during the 7th season, at first Gia and Stephanie were enemies but they later become best friends. Gia might be considered Stephanie's Kimmy. Just as D.J. let Kimmy lead her a little bit astray at times, Stephanie got involved in a small number of wild, irresponsible things because of Gia, such as joyriding with strange boys and a make-out party Gia hosted when her mother wasn't around. After her parents had been through a divorce, Gia is shown as a smoking, rebellious girl with horrible grades. She is possibly two or three years older than Stephanie, being held back a few years. But because of Stephanies good influence on her we learn early in season 8, that because of Stephanie, Gia had stopped smoking, become more respectful to her mother, and had improved her grades. Gia is a leader in some ways, as well. She and Stephanie put together an band with Kimmy and another girl in their class, that failed miserably because the girls paid more attention to their appearance than to rehearsing. 


Teddy is Michelle's first best friend. He made his debut on the first day of kindergarden on very first episode of season 5, when Joey told Michelle that the best way to make new friends was by being funny, and Michelle does a Bullwinkle impression. He accompanies her when she needs a buddy to sneak out with and see Danny when he goes on a date with Vicky in the mid-season 5 episode 'Bachelor Of The Month'. He is also the one Michelle run away to when she run away for home later that season. He move away to Texas in the season 6 episode 'The Long Goodbye', but when his dad's job move him back to the area. He then return to Michelle's class and Michelle, Teddy and Denise re-invent their friendship and they all become best friends. He is the typical best friend a child that age would have, and he and Michelle even consider trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend in third grade. However, they try too hard, and find out it's no fun for children their age. So, they go back to just being best friends. 

 Denise Frazier

Denise is Michelle's sort of 'second' bestfriend. She is a girl with a lot of guts and a lot of attitude. There is a little mistake on the show as they actually meet for the first time twice. First time they meet is at the 'Ranger Joe Show' in the season five episode 'Girls will be boys', and then they meet again in the season six episode 'The long goodbye', where Teddy reveals to Michelle he's moving to Amarillo, Texas. After then, Michelle and Denise become best friends, and between the two of them they come up with all sort of crazy stuff; such as protesting against a makebelieve rhino figure that weezels them for their money, a makebelieve mariage between Michelle and Steve, summer camp, making expencive phonecalls to joke central 'funny buddy', driving in a car race, to name a few. But then late in season seven, Teddy move back, and both Denise and Teddy try really hard to be Michelle's best friend. But at the end, they decide all three to be best friends.

 Aaron Bailey

First introduced in the season three episode 'Bye, Bye Birdie' as Michelle's classmate in preschool, Aaron is shown as the typical class bully who acts quite annoying and rude at times. He pinches Michelle in one episode while they are still in preschool, the season four episode 'A Pinch For A Pinch', when Jesse tell Michelle to retaliate with Aarons behavior, leaving them both punished in the corner. While that behavior doesn't continue, his obnoxious ways are implied to continue through the series. It is seen in other episodes that treats Jesse as an equal or underlying rival, he creates trouble for D.J. and Kimmy when they have boys over while Kimmy is babysitting, and Danny even remarks in an early season seven episode that they are watching Aaron for several days "until his regular babysitter stops twitching." Though mostly portrayed as a rude little brat, he is occasionally seen being nice.

 Lisa Leeper

Lisa becomes Michelle's friend in the final season. She is a very head-strong girl who likes to get things her way. As a result she is portrayed having a very bossy personality. In the episode 'Dateless in San Fransisco' she is the one that comes up with the idea that everyone should have dates for the Valentines Dance, and it is revealed that she is an extremely good singer when she sings the song 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' along with Derek in the episode 'We Got The Beat'

 Derek S. Boyd

Derek is one of Michelle's friends and appeared in several episodes throughout Seasons 6-8. Michelle first meet Derek in the episode 'The Play's The Thing', when he beats her out for the role of Yankee Doodle in their class's play 'America The Beautiful'. Though Michelle is at first jealous of Derek for winning the part over her, she help him recover from stage fright and they become friends. Derek is very educated and well-spoken for a boy of his age, though also a bit on the wimpy side and shows signs of being a bit obsessive-compulsive. And as portrayed in several episodes, he's a very talented singer as well. 

 Nelson Burkhard

Nelson is portrayed as a very wealthy person, who during season 8 dated D.J on and off for a few episodes. Or as Stephanie describes it, 'You two should be attached to the clapper!'. Nelson and D.J's new boyfriend Viper fight over her in the episode called 'D.J's Chioce', which ends up with D.J picking neither of them.
Not much is revealed about Nelson's background or family aside from the fact that he is very rich and often throws parties on yachts. Though towards the end of season eight, in the episode 'Taking The Plunge', he reveals to have a cousin named Regina visiting from England, whom he sets Joey up with on a date. In the very same episode, D.J and Nelson run of to a wedding chapel in Reno to keep Kimmy and her boyfriend from getting married. The family follow them to Reno to stop the wedding, believing it is D.J and Nelson who are about to get married.


Viper appears in season eight as the young guitar player in Jesse's new band "Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets". D.J. and Viper first meet when Jesse hold auditions for guitarists for the new band. They hit it off and begin to date, much to the chagrin of Jesse, who sees a little bit too much of himself in the young and wild Viper. And especially Danny, who is convinced that Viper is nothing more than a wild, uncontrollable, long-haired rock-and-roller. Eventually both Jesse and Danny learn to accept Viper, and he and D.J. date for a few episodes. Viper's last appearance on the show was in "D.J's Choice", where he breaks up with D.J., only to want her back a few days later, though he then finds out that she has started dating Nelson again. At the end of the episode, Viper and Nelson are so busy competing with each other to try to win D.J. that she decides she wants to date neither of them. 

 Harry Takyama

Harry is Stephanies friend throughout season two. They are seen playing around in Stephanie and D.J's room and messes up in DJ's stuff at times, wich she does not approve of. Harry has a very special nickname for Steph, wich is 'Cheaf'. In the episode 'Middle age crazy', Stephanie and Harry has a pretend wedding.



Rusty came into the show during a few season four episodes. He was portrayed as Danny's new girlfriend Cindy's son. During those episodes he came up with all the pranks and mischief he could think of with the intention to drive Danny away from his mother. As well as coming up with a dislikable attitude. The Tanner girl he had the most saying with was probably Stephanie. The two of them was at times trying to outdo each other with pranks, and they played at the baseball team together in 'Stephanie Plays The Field'.  


Mickey is the first friend Stephanie get when enrolling in junior high school. She is a year older then her, but takes Stephanie under her wing. She is first seen choosing 'the gang' and smoking over Stephanie in the episode 'Fest Friends', but apologizes for it later in the very same episode. The two of them then continue to stay very good friends, and together they get even with Gia when she start a vicious rumor about Stephanie. 

 Mrs Carruthers

Mrs Carruthers is one of the teachers of Michelle's class. She is seen various times as head leader of the P.T.A comity and later as Joey's co-head leader of the P.TA during season eight. Most of the humor around her is probably her not-so-secret and passionate crush on Joey. Most memorable and funniest episodes are probably 'The Bicycle Thief", where she team up with Kimmy to solve the neighborhood crime with a police scanner from the Tanner kitchen, and 'Dateless in San Fransisco' where she and Joey co-host the class' Valentine's dance, and he is convinced that the candy and flowers he's received is from her.

 Claire Tanner

Claire is Danny's mom, and the girls grandmother. She is first seen in the very first episode where she is leaving the house after taking care of the family after the loss of Pam. She later return in episode four, 1The Return Of Grandma' to check up on the family, the way she think grandmothers should do. When she arrives, she is horrified as to how the house look. She is then not seen again until season three in the episode 'Granny Tanny' (this time played by Doris Roberts), where she has just retired and feel sad and unuseful, so the family try their best to make her feel useful, which get on their nerves. 

 Wendy Tanner

Wendy is Danny's sister, and is portrayed as an athletic and animal caring person. She came into the show for 2 episodes, and during the episodes she included we learn that she's a person who likes to move around a lot and is probably a very adventurous person. She brings a monkey with her to the house as proof of that, as she had found the monkey all alone and chosen to take care of it. We also gets an understanding that she and Joey actually has a history between them which they start up again during those few episodes. 

Duane Moffat

Duane Moffat is Kimmy Gibbler's boyfriend in season eight of Full House. He is a little bit older than her and having just finished trade school as a plumber, which is what he does for work. He is shown to have a bit of a quirky personality. He does not talk all that much to Kimmy, or anyone else for that matter. His recurring catch phrase (much to the point of both confusion and annoyance) is 'Whatever'. He does not care about that many things, except for Shakespeare, in which he quotes soulfully. He is very easygoing. To the point that he even agrees to marry Kimmy. The two almost get married at the Create-Your-Own-Wedding Chapel in Reno on a whim.

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