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New York Minute

   New York Minute follows 17-year-old complete opposite identical twin sisters Roxanne "Roxy" Ryan and Jane Ryan on a wild adventure through the streets, subways and
   sewers of Manhattan during one crazy unforgettable day. While uptight overachiever and Straight-A Student Jane (Ashley Olsen), who is up for a scholarship at Oxford
   University, has an important speech to give to The McGill Fellowship in in order to achieve this, the more relaxed and laid-back rock rebel Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) hopes
   to get backstage at a Simple Plan video shoot to slip her bands demo tape to someone in connection to the band for them to listen to. But Jane's and Roxy's plans go 
   wildly awry and the two estranged sisters must learn how to join forces together when a mix-up involving Jane's all-important day planner lands them in the middle of 
   a black market music piracy scheme. Sidetracked, sideswiped and chased from Chinatown to Times Square to Harlem by everyone from dangerous assassins to naiv
   politicians and a whacked-out truancy officer on a mission (Eugene Levy), the sisters also find unexpected romance in the form of a Senator's bad-boy son Trey Lipton
   (Jared Padalecki) and a cute bike messenger Jim (Riley Smith). Jane and Roxy seem to have everything going against them, but in the 'concrete jungle', anything can
   change in a New York Minute!

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