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Little Spies

   Originally telecast as a two-hour episode of ABC's Wonderful World of Disney anthology, Little Spies first aired on October 5, 1986. The premise of the movie deals with
   a group of kids - Jason, Clint, Clarence, Wendell, Kristi, and Jason's little sister Julie (Candace Cameron) - who are all friends in a clubhouse. They take in a dog who 
   was being chased by a rival gang of kids, but the canine is later dognapped. It turns out the Water Street Gang were selling stolen dogs to The Puppy Town Kennel,
   which had its own nefarious purposes in mind. With the help of a grumpy old man known as Jimmy the Hermit (Mickey Rooney), a reclusive World War II hero who
   takes a shine to the youngsters, they make an attempt to recapture the dog. Harking right back into his wartime experiences, Jimmy organizes the neighborhood kids
   into a 'commando raid' of the kennel to rescue the pooch. Though while in the process of rescuing their precious dog, they quickly uncover the Kennel Master's Evil
   Plan. Meanwhile, Jason deals with his own guilt over a dark secret from his past, involving the disappearance of his old dog, Norton - as well as dealing with his
   nervousness over Kristi's crush on him, and his own potential feelings for her. The main characters are direct from the standard Disney stereotype manual, right down
   to the nerdish kid with glasses and the funny fat one.

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