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Just The Way You Are

   The Wreitz' has suddenly lost the spark in their marriage after 15 years. With two kids and two demanding full-time jobs, they are more like ships passing in the night.
   Jennie Wreitz is a successful and respected employee at a matchmaking company where she is about to make partner, while husband Ian is climbing the architecture
   ladder. But while Jennie can seemingly pick perfect partners for her clients, her own marriage has stalled. However, her most recent client unlocks something within
   her when she meets Claire, a single looking for love. Her own set of strict matchmaking rules are then up for questioning. While working with Claire, Jennie begins to
   realize there is a disconnect in her life. She and her work-obsessed husband Ian have lost something over the years. Their two high-school girls are growing up - one
   dealing with the complications of her first crush, the other trying to overcome her fear of the stage for the sake of her love of music, leaving Jennie and Ian wondering
   what comes next. This inspires Jenny to make changes in their life, so she decides to try a little spontaneity to reignite the flame in her own life. She then insists on
   initiating a series of 'blind dates with her husband. It’s time for them to reconnect and remember what it felt like to be more than two people existing in the same
   space. By rediscovering each other as 'newly-mets', they get a second chance to fall in love for the first time all over again.


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