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Mistakes - Episode Mistakes

 On the episode "Middle Age Crazy", near the end of Stephanie's imagination of how Danny, Jesse, and Joey pay attention to D.J. and Michelle, around the time Stephanie says "How
    rude!", you could easily see the wires that hold Stephanie up when she is flying.
 In "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" Stephanie changes positions in scenes a few times. First, when Kimmy is talking to Stephanie, Stephanie is sitting facing the camera. Then when
    Steve comes in, she is suddenly sitting on the other side of the bed, facing away from the camera. And in the same episode, when the three girls come home, when Michelle is talking
    to Nicky and Alex, Stephanie is sitting on the arm of DJ's chair. Then when Becky leaves with the twins, the camera focusses on Jesse, and after that, Stephanie is suddenly sitting on
    the table next to the couch!!!!
 In "Wrong-Way Tanner", when Jesse and Joey are playing music with Nicky and Alex, the twin in the yellow is next to Joey, and the twin in the red is next to Jesse. Then they turned
    the camera over to Jesse, and then back to the twins, and then the twin in the RED is standing next to Joey and the twin in the YELLOW is next to Jesse.
 In "I'm Not D.J.", Stephanie is looking at her ears, her hair is pulled pack into a scrunchie. But when she goes downstairs to tell Danny, her hair has NO scrunchie in it.
 In "I'm Not D.J.", when Michelle brings D.J into Michelle and Stephanie's room, Stephanie is standing in front of the mirror looking at her ears. But then they turn the camera over
    to Michelle and D.J, then back to her, and she is standing in the MIDDLE of the room!
 In the teaser of "A Very Tanner Christmas", when Jesse is putting up the stockings, D.J's is on the right of Stephanie's. Then, they turned the camera over to Michelle, then
    back and suddenly D.J's stockings are on the left of Stephanie's.
 In "The Perfect Couple", in one shot, Alex is standing next to Stephanie and Nicky is next to Michelle. Then they turn the camera over to Michelle, and then back to the twins, and
    NICKY is standing next to Stephanie and ALEX is next to Michelle.
 In the episode where Michelle, Aaron, Derek and Lisa form their own secret club, there is a scene where they jump up and down on the beds. Watch Michelle's left foot carefully.
    First, she wears two socks, and then one sock, then two, then she's wearing one sock again.
 In the episode with the twin festival, in one shot Nicky and Alex are dressed like Elvis holding guitars, in the next shot they don't have guitars, and then out of no where they come
    back again.
 Steph has to make a report and writes about D.J and Steve's fights. When they stop fighting Steph make up a note and put it in Steve's book. The blooper is, when they make a
    joke with Steph, and Steve says: "We can't go on with this, let's get married", when he finished his line Steph blow out the milk that she was drinking, but in the next shot the table
    is all clean. Then when Steph gives Danny the towel, and he trows it back on the table - watch it; It will suddenly move to the other side of the table along with Steph's glasses!
 In "Our Very First Christmas Show" the family is forced to celebrate Christmas on an airport, because of a heavy snow storm. The next morning Jesse turn on the light switch and
    starts to say his line, but Stephanie start to early with her line and you can hear her say "It's..." When Jesse is finished it's her turn and she at last says "It's Christmas!"
 In the "Slumber Party" episode opening Michelle is building a tower with toy blocks. The colors of the blocks are from top to bottom "Red, Green, Blue, Blue, yellow". When D.J
    enters the room and Michelle says" I can't reach it I'm too little", the colors suddenly changes to from top to bottom "Red, Green, Blue, RED!! ,Yellow" Then when D.J walks towards
    the tower and Michelle says "Be very careful", it suddenly change back into "Red, Green, Blue, BLUE !!!!, Yellow.
 In the soccer episode called "Wrong-Way Tanner", Mary-Kate plays Michelle on the soccerfield and kicks with her left foot, then later when Danny practice in their garden with Michelle,
    this time with Ashley as Michelle, she suddenly kicks with her right foot. Later when the final is coming up and Michelle made the wrong goal she kicks with her left foot again.
    This was when the differences between Mary-Kate and Ashley really started to become too obvious.
 In the episode where D.J's cousin Steve comes to visit, D.J is talking with Steve in ;ichelle's room and says "Steve, do you wanna go ice-skatig tomorrow?" to which Steve replies
    "Sorry, I can't I'm busy". Then D.J says "Well how about tomorrow", not realizing she said "Tomorrow" twice.
 This is in episode #60, "Bye, Bye Birdie". When Danny first takes Michelle to preschool, he enters with his suit jacket unbuttoned. But then in the next shot, it is buttoned. Then it
    happens once again.
 In the episode where all three guys parents come and the house is a mess in the first season, Jesse comes in with his shirt tucked in. Then as the scene plays on it is untucked and
    then tucked back in a couple of times.
 In episode #147 "Wrong-Way Tanner", Stephanie tapes embarrassing moments of people in the family. After taping Becky singing "Bad Boys" to Nicky and Alex, Stephanie says that
    the best part of the tape is a toss up between Becky's singing and Jesse's pep talk to his hair, implying that Stephanie had already taped Jesse, prior to Becky. However, when the
    tape is shown later in the episode, Becky's singing is on the tape BEFORE, not after, Jesse's pep talk.
 In the episode where Stephanie is in the spelling contest, Michelle is also trying to learn how to read. In one scene, D.J is trying to help her by writing "Michelle" on the chalkboard.
    Watch closely, "Michelle" is written two different ways throughout this scene.
 This is in the episode with the dog show, called "The Volunteer". During the dog show, in one scene Michelle is shown with her hair in pigtails and her hair is CURLY. Then in the
    next scene, her hair is in pigtails and is STRAIGHT!! This must have been when they swiched Mary-Kate & Ashley between scenes.

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