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Screencaps - Season 1
006 * Daddy's Home

Stephanie is rehearsing her ballet moves in the livingroom for her very first ballet recital that same day. Later everyone is dressed up and ready to go. However, Danny has to miss Stephanie's recital when he's called in to work the last minute. Then Jesse's skimpy dressed Italian girlfriend Adrianna suddenly shows up, leading Joey to desperately ask Jesse to teach him how to be cool just like him to add more excitement in his life. When Danny later gets home, he realizes he also missed a successful day taking D.J and the rest of the girls on a shopping trip, when the girls model their new clothes for him. Danny had also desperately been waiting for Michelle to call him 'da-da', and when she finally does, it is to Jesse and Joey! Fearing that his long work-hours are negatively impacting his relationship with his children, Danny decide to take the girls on a string of father-daughter fun outings. Jesse, meanwhile, reluctantly agrees to give Joey some basic lessons on how to act cool, but the process turns out to be more strenuous than they expected. Joey responds by taking it too far when he jets off on Jesse's bike and disappeares over night, leaving Jesse mad. The next day, feeling that he's missing out on time with his kids, Danny takes the day off work to have another successfull father-daughter outing. Back home after the excitement is over, D.J has a sad moment because she doesn't want their time together to end, as she knows things will go back to how they used to be. Danny and D.J have a heart-to-heart, and they both promise to make time for eachother in the future.

006 * Daddy's Home
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