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 Opening Sequence

In the opening sequence, the characters were shown either at home or in various shots in San Francisco. Although the opening credits for the girls changed every year, the shots for the adults were used for a couple of seasons in a row. 

The opening credits for the adults were not filmed in San Francisco until season four. From that season, the last shot of the opening sequence was also shot in San Francisco, showing the cast having a picnic in Alamo Square, in front of the row of Painted Ladies in the Western Addition neighbourhood of San Francisco. The Tanner house is not one of those houses shown in the background of the picnic ground, although many people think it is. 

In season 8 the opening credits were given their last update. From that season, the entire cast was shown in various locations around San Francisco. The 7 seasons before, the girls were always shown around the house. 

During the show's run, the opening sequence was shortened. Competition between networks was fierce and they believed viewers might switch programs if there was no action on TV. Therefore, from season 2 on, most episodes got a teaser, a short clip before the opening credits. 

Some seasons feature a variety of versions of the opening credits during that season. In some seasons, there were even different lengths for the opening sequence, sometimes playing the entire theme and sometimes a shortened versions. 

In season 3, Lori Loughlin was added to the opening sequence, but only in the episodes she featured in. In the opening credits for the other episodes, shots of the other cast members are shown instead of her. 

Although she had a recurring role from season 1 onwards, Andrea Barber, playing Kimmy Gibbler, was not added to the opening credits until season 5. In season 6 and 7, Scott Weinger, playing Steven Hale, was credited and from season 7 Blake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit were credited in the opening credits for their role of Nicky & Alex Katsopolis. 

In the first season, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were not credited in the opening sequence for their role as Michelle. They were mentioned in the closing credits though, as Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen playing the part of Michelle. From season 2 to 7, the role of Michelle was credited in the opening sequence as being played by 'Maty-Kate Ashley Olsen'. This was done because the producers did not want viewers to know that Michelle was actually being played by twins. Ashley's name appeared as if it was Mary-Kate's middle name. Because of their growing popularity, the Olsen Twins were given special credit in the opening sequence in season 8, appearing last in the credits and being credited as 'And Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen as Michelle'. Mary-Kate is the one appearing in the shot, but the girl in the painting is Ashley.

 Closing Credits

From seasons one through five, select shots from the opening credits were also shown in the closing credits. From season six onwards, the closing credits contained still shots of episode scenes. A couple of episodes had a tag, an additional scene shown during the closing credits.

 Theme Song

The theme song is called 'Everywhere You Look', and was performed by Jesse Frederick. He co-wrote the song with Bennett Salvay and Jeff Franklin, the series creator. The vocal version of the theme song was used in the opening credits. In the closing credits, an instrumental version was used. For broadcast, the them song was often truncated to the chorus.
As the opening credits became shorter during the series' run, the theme song was also shortened. In season 8, it only lasted for about 42 seconds.

Te first five seasons used a longer version of the theme song, but in syndication the line "You miss your old familiar friends, but waiting just around the bend" replaced the lines starting with "How did I get delivered here, somebody tell me please"

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