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Christmas Under Wraps

   Dr. Lauren Brunell (Candace Cameron Bure) has her whole life planned out down to the smallest detail. She is expecting to get engaged to her longtime boyfriend, and
   as a third year surgery resident, she is counting on being accepted into a prestigious hospital fellowship to follow in the footsteps of her supportive father, Henry Brunell
   (Robert Pine). But when all those plans quickly fall apart; Laurens relationship comes to an end, and she is put on the wait list for the fellowship she had her eyes on,
   she is encouraged to think outside the box, and take the only other opening available at the moment: a General Practitioner Doctor position in the small, remote town
   of Garland, Alaska. Convincing herself that it is only temporary, Lauren moves to Garland where she is immediately charmed by Andy Holliday (David O’Donnell), a
   handsome local who soon starts to show her the importance of living in the moment and enjoying her unexpected adventure in this charming small town. As Lauren
   excels as Garland's trusted doctor, she warms up to the friendly town. But Andy's father, Frank Holliday (Brian Doyle-Murray), is hiding something from her in his top-
   secret shipping warehouse. Just as Lauren decides to get to the bottom of her suspicions, she receives news that will force her to make a life-changing decision, while
   knowing for certain that the Christmas season will never be the same.


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