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 Daniel "Danny" Ernest Tanner 

Danny Tanner is left with three young daughters to raise after his wife, Pam, dies. At the beginning of the series, he works as a sportscaster for Channel 8 News, but at the start of the second season, he is chosen to be one of the co-hosts for the station's new talk show,Wake Up, San Francisco, alongside Rebecca Donaldson. Much of the humor of Danny's character comes from his obsession with cleaning and tidyness. He can often be found cleaning for cleaning's sake, sometimes even cleaning his cleaning products. As a matter of fact, 'Spring Cleaning' is his idea of Christmas. His dorkiness and his generally "not-hip dad" personality is often the root of kind-hearted jokes as well, however, it was revealed that he went to college on a "Pool" scholarship, and that he minored in darts, possibly indicating a somewhat more exciting past. Eventually moving on from his wife's death, he enters various romantic relationships through the show's eight seasons. Most notably is his relationship with Vicky Larson, who is first introduced during the fifth season. Their relationship reaches a climax in season six when Danny proposes to her using a firework reading "Vicky, will you marry me" during the family vacation to Disney World. However, Vicky gets offered a job in another city, resulting in their separation.

 Jesse Katsopolis

Jesse Katsopolis is Danny's brother-in-law and Pam's younger brother. He first moves into the house with virtually no experience in taking care of young children or babies, but he learns quickly. In the first seasons, Jesse works for his father Nick's exterminating business before leaving to pursue work in advertising, frequently working with Joey. He later works with Joey as co-hosts of an afternoon radio show called the 'Rush Hour Renegades', and also as the new owner of the Smash Club. Jesse's main passion is music, and struggles to 'hit it big' with his band, The Rippers, for much of the show's early seasons. His band finally gets a record deal in the fifth season, and release the song 'Forever'. But sadly at the beginning of season eight, they vote him out of the band and they 'hit it big' when they join Barry Williams. Later in the season however, Jesse forms another band called 'Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets'. Jesse's biggest obsessions in life is his perfect hair and his idol worshiping of Elvis Presley. His most famous catchphrase is 'Have Mercy!'. He also likes to end a lot of sentences with 'Huh?' such as 'It's the telephone, huh?'. Jesse begins dating Rebecca Donaldson a few months after she begins working with Danny during the second seasonn, and they end up marrying in the show's fourth season. During the following season, they welcome twins, Nicky and Alex, and the family of four continue to live in the house with the rest of the family. Jesse continuesly was portrayed as a rebellious, leather-jacket type of character, but was also shown as a caring and loving uncle as well as father. 

 Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis

Becky was born in Valentine, Nebraska. Despite the fact that she's a well-educated woman, she found love and the man of her dreams in the wild Jesse. She was reluctant to admit this at first, but she found herself liking Jesse more and more. In fact, they almost eloped in Lake Tahoe at the end of the second season. But the two of them finally tied the knots in the middle of the fourth season. The two moved in with the rest of the Tanners, and welcomed their twins Nicky and Alex in the middle of the shows fifth season. Becky would prove to be very good for Jesse, although she still teased Jesse about his love of Elvis and his own hair at times. However, though these obsessions annoyed her at times, she was the wife part of a couple that obviously loved each other very much despite of their differences. While Jesse wanted to be free to do whatever he wanted, Becky wanted him to focus more on their family at times. Their differences made it at times difficult to make united decisions, but nevertheless, they were always supportive of each other, and Becky always supported Jesse's musical efforts, even when things got too far. These differences were settled with the same love and humor that marked other situations. Becky also served as a mother figure for the girls at times, and it's likely that each of them confided in Becky when it came to issues regarding adolescence and other topics. Her character's not quite as developed as the original cast's, but she's still multi-dimensional, and combines the role of mother, producer of Wake Up, San Francisco, and loving aunt in a very positive and loving way. Becky came into the picture in the second episode of the show's second season, 'Tanner vs. Gibbler', but her role didn't really become serious until she and Jesse became a couple in the middle of the very same season. 

 Joseph "Joey" Alvin Gladstone

Joey Gladstone is Danny's best friend since childhood and Danny's former college roommate. Joey is portrayed as a comedian and generally a goofy guy and a child at heart. His most famous catchphrase is 'Cut.. it.. out' accompanied by a series of related hand and face gestures. He, just like Jesse, has very little knowledge of childcare when he first moves into the house, but tries his best. Joey's biggest dream is to make it as a stand-up comedian, and struggles to hit it big, mostly without luck, but he still loves what he does. Even though, he does get a 'big break' every once in a while. He partners with Jesse in the advertising business during the shows second season, where they co-write jingles and campaigns. While in the advertising business, they initially work for a major company before branching off into their own business at the beginning of the shows fourth season. In season five, Joey takes over a children's program in the enchanted forest as 'Ranger Joe', and the following year, he teams up with Jesse again to co-host a radio show as the 'Rush Hour Renegades'. Joey is seen with various girlfriends throughout the series' run, but no permanent romantic attachments. 

 Donna Jo "D.J." Margaret Tanner

Donna Jo (D.J.) Margaret Tanner is Danny's eldest daughter. She is 10 years old when the series begins and 18 at the show's end. D.J. is the only Tanner girl seen in all three levels of school; elementary, middle, and high school where she attends Frasier Street Elementary School, Van Atta Junior High and Bayview High School through the show's run. She shares a room with Stephanie at the beginning of the show, but switches rooms with Michelle in season five to have more privacy. Some very controversial episode topics involving D.J is when she's showing warning signs of anorexia, in which she gives her food to her dog, and eventually falls off an exercise machine after not having eaten anything for three days. Danny discovers this and have the typical lecture with D.J, which helps her, and things go back to normal. Another one is included her being caught drinking beer at 13, when she didn't do it and nobody believes her due that somebody spilled the beer on her. When Jesse eventually finds out that she wasn't drinking, he feels very bad, and then D.J is quoted saying: 'It wasn't hard to say no, because those guys were acting like idiots'. It shows that luckily D.J has learned enough that she has the guts to say no. After experiencing the usual preteen junior high boy-craziness, D.J. has her first serious relationship with Steve, who is first introduced in season five. Their relationship becomes a real fixture in her life, beginning in the sixth season when their characters return from a summer abroad in Spain, and lasts until halfway through season seven, when they realize they do not have much in common anymore, and decide to end their relationship. During the show's final season, D.J. has on-off relationships with guitarist Viper as well as rich-kid Nelson. But in the very last episode, Steve and D.J. are reunited for her senior prom.

 Stephanie Judith Tanner

Stephanie Judith Tanner is the middle daughter. She is 5 years old when the series begins and 13 when it ends. She is the typical "precocious" child, far too cute for her own good, particularly in the early seasons. Her catchphrases of 'How rude!' and 'Well, pin a rose on your nose!' were heard frequently in the show's early years. Stephanie loves spying on older sister D.J.'s life (such as reading her diary and eavesdropping on telephone calls) and is generally the nosiest of the Tanner girls. She attends Frasier Street Elementary School and DiMaggio Junior High during the shows run. Stephanie shares a room with D.J during the first four seasons, and then with Michelle from season five. She is portrayed as very perky, and somewhat quirky about being the middle child at times. During season five, we learn that Stephanie is a very talented dancer, which gets the best of her while caught up in it, and she decides it's not for her to do it professionally as she first thought. During the show's seventh season she starts junior high, much to her scare and discontent. But her best friend in junior high becomes against all odds Gia Mahan, who was originally her biggest enemy at the beginning of junior high. They get into a lot of various pre-teen/teenage exploits together. Of all the Tanner children, Stephanie has dealt with the hardest issues, such as teenage smoking, 'make-out' parties, and witnessing child abuse. 

 Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner is Danny's youngest daughter. She is often talked about in the show as the 'little princess' who tended to be spoiled and pampered more than the other girls. She was just 9 months old when the show began and 8 years old when the series wrapped. Jesse and Joey's misadventures in taking care of her when she was a baby provided much of the humor in the show's early seasons. Once Michelle started to grow up, she became the focus of a lot more storylines, as well as the majority of the show's publicity, thanks to the popularity of the Olsen twins. Because of the great popularity around her character, she was also dealt the most catchphrases, such as 'You got it dude', 'You're in big trouble, mister' and 'No Way, José'. Michelle attends Meadow Crest Preschool and Frasier Street Elementary School during the show's run. Her best friends through the show are Teddy, Denise and Derek, who appeared frequently in later seasons, as well as the perpetually obnoxious Aaron. 

 Nicholas & Alexander Katsopolis

Nicky and Alex are the twin sons of Jesse and Rebecca. They share the same birthday as Michelle, which looked as though it would be a problem at first, but as soon as Michelle realized that this meant 'more cake', everything was allright! Jesse and Rebecca named the twins while laying in the hospital bed together, Jesse with his apendix problem, and Rebecca having just gone through labour. Jesse named the baby he was holding, Nicholas, after his dad who had given him such great hair, and Rebecca named the baby she was holding, Alexander, after her teacher in high school who had inspired her to go into journalism. One of the show's favourite 'Nicky and Alex moment' is when Vicky is making dinner for the family and the twins put their bowls of ice cream on their heads and start dancing in their chairs. Jesse then decides to lay down the law by giving them a 'time out'. However, after Jesse takes them to their room, all he can hear echoing in his head is their little voices chanting 'mean daddy, mean daddy'. We learn that with twins there can be a problem for them to form friendships with other kids because they always have each other, and during a season 7 episode Jesse and Becky get scared that the boys are heading in the wring direction, when they refuse to interact and play with the other kids in the play group. 

 Kimmy Gibbler

The character Kimmy was mention in the first episode of Full House but not shown until the show's third episode! And you might ask what is the character Kimmy all about. Kimmy Gibbler is D.J.'s best friend. At the start of the series she is 10 years old, the same age as D.J was. Kimmy lives nextdoor to the Tanner family, much to their discontent at times. She usually doesn't think too well, wich is the reason D.J. and Kimmy (after being in the same class from Kindergarten untill 5th grade) got split up when D.J. was put in the advanced class. Kimmy can be annoying to anyone of the Tanners, especially Jesse and Danny. And Kimmy and Stephaine always have something to say to each other, usually an insult. Kimmy outfits can be really unusal and she always make sure that she will stand out from the others. She can be pretty stupid, and sometimes a smart allec who you would think nothing bothers, but in some episodes Kimmy do shows feelings. For example in the episode where D.J. forgot Kimmy's 16th Birthday when D.J. accuses Kimmy of being jealous of D.J. boyfriend Steve. Kimmy is described as "silly" and that her feet smells horrible. The Tanner family usually found Kimmy to be a burden, except for D.J. of course. She was the the typical pesky next door neighbour. 

 Steve Hale

Steve Hale (originally introduced as Steve Peters) is D.J.'s first steady boyfriend. He joins the cast as an official member in season six, though he made an appearance in a season five episode. Steve is two years older than D.J. and a star member of the high school wrestling team. He leaves the cast at the end of season seven after he and D.J. break up, but makes a cameo appearance in the series finale the following year. Some of the humor around his character revolved around the fact that he ate a lot at the Tanners' house. 

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