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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game

 In episode 01-04 'The Not-So-Great Escape'; D.J takes Max to her pet clinic to let him pick out a puppy. She initially says he has to be quick as she has to get him to school. Though while D.J get a phone call from Jacksons school, and Stephanie allowing a skunk in the clinic resulting in her, Max, Tommy and the puppies to bathe in tomatojuice, Max clearly never made it to school that day.
 In episode 02-08 'A Tangled Web'; When Lola introduces her pet tarantula, the spider is black with orange stripes. When Jackson and Ramona accidentally leave the enclosure open and the spider escapes, it is still a black spider with orange stripes. When the spider is crawling on Max, it is a black spider with bright yellow stripes.
 In episode 01-09 'War Of The Roses'; When Becky comes down the stairs, Stephanie says "Hi Lori" which is the name of the actress who plays Becky.
 In episode 01-01 'Our Very First Show, Again'; Audio problem: After Stephanie takes back the flash drives she gives to Max and Jackson, Max tells D.J. that he knows all the bad words. When we hear him say 'Donald Trump',his lips do not match it.
 In episode 01-01 'Our Very First Show, Again'; When DJ is talking to Steve in the kitchen, the calendar in the background for chores changes between shots.
 In episode 01-11 'Partnerships in the Night'; Stephanie hugs Kimmy, then Max comes in. When we see DJ and Matt, in the background you can see the hugging repeats.

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