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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Reunited And It Feels So Deadly

   Someone is killed at Aurora's 20th high school reunion. Plenty of suspects. No witnesses. Standard Teagarden story. Lots of conflicts to sort out. Who is lying. Who isn't.
   This latest Aurora Teagarden mystery has our sleuthing librarian heading off for her high school reunion and thinking of little more than the music she listened to back
   in the day. She is thrilled and excited to see everyone again. And she is also sporting a new fiance in handsome Niall Matter as Nick as she got engaged during the last
   movie. The last thing Aurora and everyone else expect during this night is a blunt murder, but one surely happens and it's one of her classmates who had a reputation
   for being a go getter and a promoter back in the day. Now he's gone gotten himself stabbed to death and the murder weapon is off course missing. This one is painful
   task to figure out for our librarian sleuth, as well as sort through all the underlaying conflicts that has suddenly reached daylight, as she has trouble fathoming who
   among her friends could actually be a killer. Marilu Henner is back as Aurora's mom Aida Teagarden and Dylan Sloane is back as cousin Phillip Pifer. For the first time
   since his introduction in the series Sloane is not in any trouble. So far he unwittingly aided in a heist, was a murder suspect when caught with weapon in hand, and has
   been kidnapped.


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