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A Christmas Detour

   Bridal magazine writer, Paige Summerland, boards a flight to New York to meet her wealthy fiancé and future in-laws. Her romantic optimism leaves her convinced that
   her upcoming wedding is destined to be like her picture-perfect articles. She sits next to Dylan MacKenzie, a cynical unromantic bartender traveling to see his family for
   the first time in years, a reunion he's not looking forward to. Due to a heavy snowstorm, the flight is rerouted to Buffalo. The pair are now stranded at the airport hotel. 
   Positive there will be another flight, Paige heads back to the airport, where she befriends a married couple, Frank and Maxine, whose twenty-year marriage seems less
   than ideal. Dylan pulls up in a SUV and offers them all a ride to New York. Making their way along the roads of upstate New York, the snowstorm forces them to stop at
   a small town, where they spend Christmas Eve. Paige and Dylan get to know each other as they talk about Dylan's former fiancée, who left him for his brother. While at
   a local pub, Frank and Maxine rediscover their love for each other and take to the dance floor. Dylan invites Paige to dance, but feeling unsettled, she walks away. As
   they walk to town center, she admits that while missing her perfect Christmas, being with Dylan seems right, as they kiss under the mistletoe. Confused by her feelings,
   Paige leaves early for her fiancé and in-laws. Realizing she loves Dylan, she returns her engagement ring. Dylan and Paige then spend Christmas at his mother's house.


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